Online Workshop on Process tracing methods

On April 28th, the GSPC hosted a workshop on Process Tracing Methods with our guest Prof. Dr. Derek Beach.

The workshop started with the GSPC’s spokesperson Prof. Dr. Schirm and our PhD candidate Melis Baydag welcoming and introducing our guests to the GSPC and its objectives.
In the first part of the workshop, Prof. Dr. Derek Beach held his introductory lecture on process tracing, pointing out its significance as a case-based method used to make within-case inferences, and its best practices. Given the causal complexities of social phenomena, his lecture addressed the main methodological questions on causal mechanisms understood as a productive/generative relationship between causes and outcomes, through which activities of social actors transmit causal forces and they produce change.
In the second part of the workshop, Prof. Dr. Beach and the audience discussed several critical points regarding process tracing, e.g. how can we trace what we trace? The discussion was particularly focused on our understanding of the underlying logic of causality, unpacking actions and interactions in causal mechanisms, and the nature of causal forces.

A big thank you to Prof. Dr. Derek Beach for accepting Melis Baydag’s invitation and providing us with this opportunity to learn from your experience!