Max Gab, MA

Collective intentionality and the “sense of us” of (large) social groups
Social Groups are a key concept for understanding the world we live in. Social Groups influence our way of life, thinking, judgements, and actions. Furthermore, social groups play an important role by being ontologically productive, i.e. they shape our social and institutional reality. Recent theories of social ontology and collective intentionality try to describe the cognitive and psychological mechanisms that make coordinated human behaviour and therefore social groups possible. In my PhD-Project, I want to explore the cognitive mechanisms and psychological abilities that allow for human beings to be part of social groups. How do individuals connect to these social groups? Why and in what way are they able to identify themselves with groups? What is it for a member of a social group to take on a collective perspective of her group? How can we conceptualize the “sense of us” that comes with membership in a group?

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Katja Crone